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A sense of peace, well-being, and clarity through the matcha tea ritual

The first matcha specialty brand, Matchacha is harvested in Jeju and curated in Seoul. Our matcha has a distinctive taste and aroma due to the pure climate and fertile soil of Jeju island. We are connoisseurs who have explored all of Korea in search of the highest quality domestic matcha.

We invite you to bring the ritual of matcha into your own time and space. Take a moment to relax, recharge, and ‘zen-out’ over a bowl of matcha.

Carefully selected high-quality tea collections harvested in Korea
Jeju Island, 濟州島

Our matcha is cultivated within the unique terroir of Jeju; bountiful rainfall, mineral-rich soil, year-round warm temperatures, and a misty environment created by Hala Mountain. Only the youngest leaves of the first tea buds are used for our matcha. Organically shade-grown and harvested, our finely grinded powders present a delicate and distinct taste with a rich flavor, combined with a smooth crema. Matcha’s unique ‘calm caffeine’ property has been praised for centuries as a gentle stimulant for placid alertness. The matcha ritual allows each of us to take a moment to experience the ‘now’, re-center, and recharge.


Hadong-gun 河東

Hadong is the second home of our tea collection. It was the first tea farming region in South Korea and is especially famous for wildly grown teas. Our teas are cultivated high on the steep hills of Jirisan mountain with the backdrop of the Seomjingang river. Wild, young ssuk (mugwort) leaves are harvested between late April and early March to produce our ssuk powder. These young and organic leaves produce a naturally caffeine-free powder with an herbal aroma that creates a pleasantly creamy verdant taste.